Saturday, September 30, 2006


I haven't been regular with the posts. Sorry. I was busy on Friday trying to get the concept brief done. Surprise, surprise, I don't have it ready yet. I am waiting on that so I can send it off.

Some brands close orders next Monday so I need to rush.

I go to Singapore on Monday. I need to open a bank account and all that other business related crap. I look for a place to live on Tuesday. My cousin has told me some of those places are old looking. I've lived in New York City woman, nothing in Singapore can look old and run down to me. And I'm not a fussy guy so I should be fine in an old building. Considering that Singapore looks a bit like stuff out of the Truman Show, anything that's more than 5 years old with a bit of wear and tear to it is probably considered 'old'.

If I like something on Tuesday, I'm going to seal the deal on Wednesday so I can actually have a mailing address and a base to operate from. Let's see how that goes.

I am starting to worry about getting all these brands to support me. I hope they will. I hope they can see the idea that I'm trying to execute. A lot of people I have spoken with still find my vision slightly bluuurrrrryyyyy....

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