Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Sorry for the long hiatus. The holiday season has gotten the best out of me in more ways than I can think.

First of I started with a trip to Bali for a great wedding. My dad's business partner decided to tie the knot in Bali in front of his closest friends and family. This was a great example that showed that you don't really need to throw down the cash and make immense efforts to host a beautiful wedding. Props to these kind people. They hosted three simple occasions which was just enough to avoid burnout in physical and financial terms. I look forward to more weddings like these to come. I also met some great people there that made the trip even more enjoyable.

I then spent the next few days in Jakarta. Again a great trip whereby I got to reunite with the boys and shoot the shit. It was great to see them especially Avi and Puts after quite a while. I enjoyed the microwave story from Avi in person. It was told with the same conviction as on his blog. This time we got to ask questions.

I then made my way back to Singapore to find that there was absolutely no activity that week leading up to the Christmas holiday. No complaints although that truly hindered store progress. Not a good thing. However, I did manage to cook up a great logo for the Corporate ID. I also met with the Interior Designer and we discussed more possible solutions. Thanks to her though, I still don't have anything to post up here. However, we are working in stages and we will most likely start more construction work next Wednesday. This is to take care of majority of the gutting of the place. I will most likely have photos by the New Year.

Then to Christmas. This was spent at my buddy Resida's. I brought over a few bottles of vino and we spent the night shooting the shit. This usually starts with them giving me shit about being "Bombay" and then me answering back. This is exactly the sort of "Giving" I expected from her this Christmas. A great night.

The boys then headed down here to Singapore to run an absolute muck. That we did for sure. Seeing them again in a large group reminded me of the Melbourne trip. All that was missing again was Avi and Puts.

Then it was back to work. Because of all the work I was unable to update this darn thing. I will be more regular.

Next post will be store update.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Soundtrack of the day

Special Herbs 1&2 by MF Doom.
Madvillainy by Madvillain.

Further Progress

Good way to end the week....On a high...

I managed to sit down with the good people at Swear and place an order for a few styles.

I then met with the other good people who are taking on the design and styling of the store. The engineer was there so as to approve our ideas. Everything went smoothly except about breaking things down. The issue is that we may have to submit our ideas to the Building Control Authority for them to approve. They don't want us messing around with fire safety structures. We will have to submit the application and just work on other things for the meantime. That work will start next week. Finally...

We will submit the app and it will take two months for them to approve which means that we will have to start on roofing, ceiling and the stairwell. My only issue is that people will have to walk in to the first floor from downstairs, exit the store and then walk through the stairs from the outside entrance to get to the sneaker store on the second floor. Retail psychology says this is a boo-boo, but fuck retail psychology because they ain't neck deep in debt. Fuck em!

We plan to submit the app to sort that out in the near future so that we can make changes 2 years down the road subject to approval. In the meantime you will have to settle with walking into the sneaker boutique from outside. Enjoy bitches...