Thursday, October 05, 2006


I may have found a place to live in Singapore....cough is mighty small.....cough cough....

Okay, okay, I found a place near the store. Good news that. It's got decent space, the place is good and clean and I will be able to use it as storage. Bad news though, no cable tv channels as there is no cable tv. I can get internet, but I can't get cable tv. But then again, most of you that know me will testify that I don't watch much tv except soccer and fighting. Since we don't get much fighting here it's only soccer I can focus on. Besides, I would rather watch soccer at a bar getting toasted with good buddies around.

Speaking of getting toasted with good buddies.

My first day in Singapore required for some hard labor in the office. I was on booze detox for two weeks then but I was feeling real anxious that day so I needed to kick back. I have no will power. Weak! Daddy would be real proud. I managed to convince my equally weak cousin to go drinking with me.

Not sure if this is something familiar, but most people are members of clubs in Singapore. There's the American Club, the Swimming Club, The Singapore Cricket Club, etc. My cousin is a member of the Cricket Club. He doesn't like Cricket but like me he likes to drink. My initial impression of these clubs were that they were a hang out for the more elitist social circles in Singapore. After a few drinks everyone sort of loosened their ties and continued to work towards getting plastered. It almost reminded me of the scene in Casbar during post-work hours.

I also learnt that no drinking session is complete without a game of Balut.

Balut is a thinking drunken man's game. Not sure if that is slightly contradictory. Balut pits you against another person or two and you basically try to rack up as many points as possible with the dice by rolling for straight flushes, two's of a kind and three's of a kind, etc. Its hard to explain but its a good game to play over a few drinks as well as also for the sake of fitting in. It made me feel that much more elitist. It was great.

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