Tuesday, August 31, 2010

K.I.N. Window Display Contest

Contemporary multi-label boutique, Know It Nothing (K.I.N) invites you to create a window display proposal that will be on display for 2 months. Your work will be displayed from 23rd of September to the 20th of November. There are no restrictions to your idea, except perhaps for size (Length: 1.61m, Width: 0.4m, Height: 2.00m) and a budget of $300. The following mentioned are possible angles for you to consider:

A) Respond to the space (not exclusively to the physical store space but the surrounding area as well) and creatively interpret what K.I.N is about.

B) Respond to the ethos of labels that are available in store.

The creative team at K.I.N will award the designer behind the winning proposal a $150 cash voucher for use at K.I.N.

Mechanics Of Submission
Applicants are to submit their ideas in a proposal with sketches, mockups (for installation/sculpture), your objective and rationale in a PDF file not larger than 3MB to adrian [at] knowitnothing [dot] com. A write-up, no more than 50 words explaining your conceptual plans, should be included.

Winners will work with the KIN creative team to construct the installation.

Submission Deadline: 20th of September

Best of luck!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pictures from the Office

250gsm, emboss, wax thread, calabash clip
hang tags..

wall socket

tent museum layout research
layout brain storming

Song Combo: Tiger & Woods / Joycelyn Brown

Gin Nation

Somebody Else's Guy (Club Mix)

Saturday, August 21, 2010


A lot of the readers here do head to many of the events that grace our island month in and month out but if you haven't had the chance to head over to Home Club for Syndicate I'd suggest you give a it a try. A distinctly different vibe and feel from most of the nights on the island, you're able to tap into a raw and unhinged environment. There's a heaviness in the air (it's not sweat) that makes the whole setting intense yet welcoming, everyone's there for the right reasons.

We hope you join the party this coming September 4th!


Press Release from Syndicate:
Come Saturday 4 September 2010, Syndicate plays host to genre-defying beat-maker, Free the Robots. Much like his Los Angeles contemporaries such as Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing & The Glitch Mob, Free the Robots has been reaching out to a worldwide audience due to the constant development of his sound and live shows.

An artist who knows no boundaries, Free the Robots pulls together heavy doses of traditional jazz, psychedelic rock, electronica and hip hop with progressive melodies and devastating drums into a rich pot of sound. His techniques create harmony between genres with the blending of obscure samples within analog and digital compositions.

His debut full length release, “Ctrl Alt Del”, has been critically acclaimed and is a must-have for hip hop heads, dubstep lovers and fans of electronica.

Free the Robots live performances are known for creating a balance between the sounds of the past, present & future with the use of samples, controllers and other live instruments. Expect a set of button-pushing & knob-twiddling madness filled with surprising samples for that true boom-bap experience and the irresistible nods.

Syndicate will also feature its first hip hop act of the year with TheCrazy88. Fresh from dropping their self-titled EP, this emceeing duo seems set to lay the standard for the future of hip hop in Singapore. They are also known for their amped-up and dynamic performances.

Keeping up the beats for the night will be guest DJ Twinhed and Syndicate residents, Max Lane & Darren Dubwise with Rafi Dean on the visuals.

Returning as a partner for this special Syndicate installment is the most iconic name in street culture, Obey. Known for their camaraderie with the Low End Theory crew in Los Angeles in which Free the Robots is part of, Obey sustains its radical ideas by supporting Syndicate’s revolutionary movement here in Singapore.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

public nuisance radio show no. 66 : funk bast*rd (cosa nostra)

public nuisance no.66 has finally arrived, be prepared for another musical adventure with the funk bast*rd. this month's show is a little more beat heavy which is welcomed warmly. if you guys like what you hear on this mix you should check out, 'bake & shake' this saturday at la maison (green fairways, next to mimolette) / music will be insane, bring your listening ears and dancing feet.

*note: if you're up for some great music (they'll be playing too many genres to list), disco:very at velvet this friday is going to be off the hook.


Public Nuisance show No. 66 w the Funk Bast*rd (Cosa Nostra) by Cosa Nostra

Monday, August 16, 2010

KIN Clear Channel Photoshoot

Over the weekend, we had a photoshoot for KIN'S new Clear Channel bus station ad.

Just a little background: as the newest intern, this was the first photoshoot I've witnessed. It was pretty cool having all our clothes and products in the office and just playing around with it. The mood was chill, too, because our in-house graphic designer, Daryl, was also our in-house DJ for the day. We had a few setbacks because we didn't do a proper fitting, but we dug through our samples and found some unreleased products to wear from Sifr.

Want to know where something's from? Just ask in the comments, but the most probable answer is our store at Haji.

Lastly, tomorrow's Sifr's 2nd birthday. So you guys should all take advantage of our sale. It lasts till the end of August!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sifr's New Clear Channel Ad

Some photographs from Gavin of our new bus stop ad right behind Ion Orchard Shopping Mall, outside Orchard MRT. So if you're along Orchard Boulevard, check it out.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

sifr 2010 : on sale for the rest of august


to thank you for all your support, we'd like to inform you that sifr will be on sale for the remainder of august at the following locations:

k.i.n. (51 haji lane)
rockstar (8 grange road, orchard cineleisure, #03-08)

if you're in town do stop by rockstar as they are offering a few other deals over here.


Home Club 5th Anniversary: DJ Marky

I don't usually do 'party' photos anymore but about 9 weeks ago I made a declaration to support as many local events as money, my body and my schedule permits; spreading the love one party at a time. So I figured that I could present splices of that declaration through my trusty Ricoh GRD & toy hotshoe flash with you (the readers). A lot of the music that is posted on d.e.a.r. time is played at these events so if you like what you hear via our youtube digging and you live nearby please do hit us up for a good time. In coming installments I will try my best to keep the photos as dirty, voyeur and off kilter as possible.

The photos below were shot at Home Club's 5th year anniversary. One of my best nights of 2010/2009, and considering I don't listen to much D&B, I had an insane time! The crowd was responsive, people were drunk and dancing, people were making out and dry humping each other. Excellente! The party vibe was heavy in the air from start to finish. There was much to be loved about the rawness of it all. After utilizing happy hour and then some more the night went till the last last song, the club was still packed I was pushing myself to the limit without performance enhancers... Awesome.

homeclub (1 of 34)

homeclub (2 of 34)

homeclub (3 of 34)

homeclub (4 of 34)

homeclub (5 of 34)

homeclub (6 of 34)

homeclub (7 of 34)

homeclub (8 of 34)

homeclub (9 of 34)

homeclub (11 of 34)

homeclub (14 of 34)

homeclub (13 of 34)

homeclub (16 of 34)

homeclub (19 of 34)

homeclub (17 of 34)

homeclub (18 of 34)

homeclub (20 of 34)

homeclub (21 of 34)

homeclub (23 of 34)

homeclub (24 of 34)

homeclub (25 of 34)

homeclub (32 of 34)

homeclub (30 of 34)

homeclub (34 of 34)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fashion or Garment Construction/Assembly

Most of us tend to be highly influenced by "Fashion" etc.

I need to ask some of you out there what you're influenced by; "Fashion and it's idea" or the actual process of "construction and garment assembly"? Please enlighten me because for a while now, people haven't really noticed the latter.

From personal experiences at Fashion School in New York, the class was most definitely divided into two different schools of thought and you could categorize people as soon as they walked into the studios. I'm reminiscing. All this happened about 6 years ago so it's slightly hazy.

Strangely so, it was easy to spot the people who were more interested in the "idea" than in the actual process. Most of the people that signed up to be part of the "idea" dropped out within six weeks or headed right into depression after the 3rd day. It was a humorous sight that'll always remain as a firm reminder for the rest of my production days.

The idea of this post is to ask what you guys are thinking. Are we moving into greater appreciation for construction, quality? With the ascent of Menswear at the moment, we're now lucky enough to really see great clothing that is focusing less on the "idea" but rather on the actual garment, the styling and the people the garments resonate with. Are you happy with this?

As far as I know, the situation in this city is one that is currently still behind the international circuit. We're still in the midst of embracing the "idea" when we hear of an event or launch happening. We're enamored by the parties, the overly stylish yet seemingly uninteresting attendees and the desire to really be noticed. Seems like we're not actually promoting or cultivating a great design scene but rather just a "scene". This is what makes this city really interesting to me because in the not so distant future, we're probably going to be laughing at this phase and thinking about how strange we all looked.

I did a couple of gigs with CJ at a local college for design and in those discussions we always tried to promote the idea of fashion as a whole and not just the good bits. Are you interested in making a "good" shirt first or are you dead set on making a shirt that looks really cool? We posed that question continuously and hoped to the powers above that we'd get people interested in the first half of that question.

So what are you? What do you peoples think?

I'll leave you guys with a really good article on some of the types of people we relate with. Get it here.

"Yet interestingly enough, fashion is not a word that inspires Adeline. “I don’t like this word, fashion,” she confides. “There are two things for me. There are clothes, and there is fashion. Fashion – it’s trends, money, industry, and companies. On the other side you have clothes – construction, fabrics, and people who want to know about clothes. How we make clothes, how we wear them, how we feel in them. It’s my way to see the clothing, the exchange between my customers and I”.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Office Bags

More documentation of our office. This time, we're introducing the contents and the bags of the office. To be a cool sifr kid, you'll need: a black bag, a sketchbook, a macbook pro, and a flashlight (seriously, I don't know why but all three of us had flashlights; I guess we're all prepared for a Great Singapore Blackout). Anyway,i f you want to know where something is from, just ask in the comment section.

Top to bottom: My bag, Chris' bag, Daryl's bag

For all the Flickr perusers, I'm sure you've heard of the Flickr group, What's In Your Bag. Check it out for more bag-stalking.

Maybe I'll document the guys' outfits next time! What do you think: yes or no? Personally, I feel like a 'what I wore today' (WIWT) post is in order for a company that designs and imports clothes of discerning taste. I mean, don't you wonder what these dudes behind the company wear on a blah blah whatever daily basis?

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

a photoshoot in our old office

chuck (who we worked with on the sifr photobook) called us up the other day asking if he could use our old office space (currently under renovation) for a photoshoot. it's been relatively quiet up there the last few week so we were more than happy to see the space go to use.

below is a post done by chuck that he threw up on his blog, http://chucktakespictures.blogspot.com/, i called him up and asked for the code so we could stick on ours, enjoy!

. . . . . . . . . . . .

my friends at know it nothing had just recently moved offices, leaving the second floor of their haji lane shophouse empty and beautiful. that meant bare walls, wooden floors, and tall windows for sunlight to shine through, perfect for that soft, flemish painting-like, chiaroscuro thing that i love. that, plus taisiya's huge green eyes and a couple of badass black jackets, pretty much equals perfection to me.

model: taisiya popova at upfront
clothes: jackets by gian romano, frufru & tigerlily; shoes by shito; all from blackmarket. swimsuit by n.thanael quadrical
location: know it nothing