Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Common People with K.I.N

A big shout out to Common People for coming by the store to shoot the interview, we had more than a great time talking with you all.

K.I.N - Know It Nothing from commonpeople on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We will be open for a 1/2 day on the 24th.

On the day of Christmas we will be closed.

Merry Christmas!

If you didn't catch us dancing in our last video, here it is again,

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Sifr Essentials: Another travel photo essay.

Just a quick recap on another trip with regard to our Essentials range.

Before receiving our shipment last week, I had to shuttle down to Jakarta to check up on it's production progress. This usually involves minor quality control, sewing details, making sure price tags are placed correctly, packing, etc. Very minor details are ironed out at this point. The smaller the order, the shorter the production time. Our production took about 2 weeks which meant that there wasn't much of a lag. As soon as production started, we were preparing for the latter parts of the entire process.

Above is a photograph of the fabric loading area. As you can see, the fabric is placed in the area marked off with red tape.

Fabric was then laid out and cut. Above are all the panels that have been bundled so as to keep account of production quantities.

The T-shirts are slowly assembled on the sewing lines. Because our order was so small, we were allocated only one sewing line (1 line has about 12-15 machines).

It's worth mentioning that after the panels were cut, the back panel was sent to the printers. If you've noticed this time around, the tees do not use a woven label. We decided to go with a screen print to eliminate any pulling from shrinkage, etc.

You'll also notice that Sifr Essentials actually take on their own identity in the form of a slightly more premium basics line that's suitable for our weather. The line has a separate direction from it's sister line. Both however, combine all the elements important to people and reflect our commitment to this project.

One more thing. We hate garment washing. The manufacturers despise it as well. The problem with Garment Washing is trying to control shrinkage. Controlling fabric shrinkage to meet the measurement spec is one of the toughest jobs of any production process. Different fabric shrinks differently. Jersey shrinks quite unpredictably as well. Jersey in different colors will also shrink differently from color to color. When you have a basics line with 11 different colors, that usually translates to perpetual migraine. This means that the manufacturer might even need to create different patterns for certain colors. Some patterns might be a tad bit bigger or smaller than the others so that all colors shrink accordingly to meet required measurements.

I feel the migraine slowly creeping in just writing about Garment Washing. There aren't any photos from the washers since we're always fully focused on the task at hand when down there.

Luckily enough, we were able to get about 4 different paper patterns for all the 11 colors so as to keep all the tees within measurement tolerances. Plus or minus, the tees are all pretty much within the measurement spectrum. Most of you will not notice that most of the tees out there on the market (other brands) are not pre-shrunk. This is to avoid any hassle on their part in trying to meet the correct measurements after wash. Majority of the time, you're purchasing a t-shirt that will look much much different after 1 wash than it did initially when trying on for size. Interesting point; take note of the classic Lacoste polo and the next person wearing one. You'll most likely notice that the garment is well above the wearer's waist. It just keeps rising.

Back to the photos.

Here's a great way to combat shrinkage issues at the waist. When assembling the garment, they allowed a lot of extra length at the waist for washing allowance. They then secured it with an overlock stitch. After washing, the garment naturally shrank but not as much as the allowance given. Therefore, a trimming station was set up to open the overlock stitch and then trim the allowance by hand. It was then passed on back to the sewing line to close. With that technique, they were able to perfectly match the length measurement that was required specific to each size.

You're probably already aware that a lot goes into making even the most simple of garments.

On to quality control. You'll notice the red arrow stickers in the photographs below. That's to indicate problem areas.

All the problem pieces from the QC department are then sent back to be fixed up.

Right after is pressing. Notice here that to get the most crisp final product, an ironing cardboard pattern was made that applied to each size and style. The pattern is fit into the t-shirt and then ironed to get the most perfect shape and measurement. This is a very uncommon practice in manufacturing but since we were paying premium prices, we got the works.

Off to the packing department...

And voila...

When you do get your t-shirt, make sure to show it some real care and consideration. A lot went into the making of that specific piece. Pay attention to the little details, the top stitch on the round neck collar, the smell of fabric softener, the top stitch along the top of the armhole, The silky soft feel of the fabric in an uncommon weight, etc, etc. These are what make this garment a lot more special than your average basic t-shirt.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

sifr essentials : 3 styles, 11 new colors


sifr essentials are available at the following selected retailers: K.I.N, Rockstar: by soon lee, Tangs Orchard & Vivo City.

Kind Regards,

Phantogram - When I'm Small

Monday, December 14, 2009

Last Haji Lane Flea Market of the Year

The last Haji lane flea market will take place this coming Sunday, the 20th of December. Live acts sponsored by Love Da Music and sales promotions on assorted books and products in conjunction with Basheer Graphic.

A handful of great second hand and antique items ranging from clothing to cameras will be on sale. There will also be live silk screening sessions.

See you this Sunday.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Four Corners EP – Exclusive Bundle Download

Just bought the EP from the homegrown label, QILIN, some great tracks to get down with.

Four Corners EP – Exclusive Bundle Download

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Anchor Free: Hotspot Shield

There are certain countries in the world where your internet is not necessarily safe, you might need to access confidential files or engage in a very important VOIP conversation where secrecy is of the essence.

Hope this aides some of you in your travels on and off the internet.

A Flashback Fabric Post, Osaka, Tokyo: Part 3

The third and final installment!

osakafabric (30 of 51).jpg
In the meeting / showroom of one of the jersey companies we work with from of Osaka.

osakafabric (31 of 51).jpg
Posing by the rows of fabric swatches. The office had two room, the fabric showroom/meeting room where I am pictured and next door a quaint office space. A nice close knit operation of about 15 people. Low and behold they are one of the best if not the best jersey production company in Japan in terms of quality and craft.

osakafabric (32 of 51).jpg
Like the post Meiji era work on the left and a new more contemporary interpretation of that on the right.

osakafabric (33 of 51).jpg
Forget what building this was but really liked the how dynamic the building frontage is with the play on depth and texture.

osakafabric (34 of 51).jpg
Another beautiful post Meiji building.

osakafabric (35 of 51).jpg
Look at the person to the left of the door in relation to the height of the entrance.

osakafabric (36 of 51).jpg
Love the geometric facade of the building.

osakafabric (38 of 51).jpg
A pretty old furniture shop.

osakafabric (39 of 51).jpg
The building that A.P.C. Osaka inhabits, like the facade and the cut corner, reminiscent of late 70s.

osakafabric (40 of 51).jpg
I forget the name of the brand in the dark grey building, but the they took out the second story so the store space is only on the ground floor with tall ceilings. The interior was over the top curation, a lot of taxidermy if my memory serves me correct. The white building next door is a Mihara Yasuhiro flagship.

osakafabric (42 of 51).jpg
A very welcoming store front, I'm not sure if its the subconscious gesture of the doors being wide open.

osakafabric (43 of 51).jpg
Lo-fi green space in the cafe area of Urban Research.

osakafabric (49 of 51).jpg
The line for Forever 21 went two - three blocks to the left of this photo. They have over 60 copyright suits filed against the company.

osakafabric (50 of 51).jpg
This paisley shirt was one size too small...

I could go on with more photos and captions but I think what I've posted so far sums up most of what happend in Osaka and Tokyo without getting me into trouble.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Stefan Sagmeister: The Power of Time Off

Not suggesting anything. I couldn't embed the video, please follow the link for a great 17 minute talk that could change the way you look at your life.

K.I.N Store Photos

Some crisper shots of the new store interior. The photowork done by Dju-lian Chng. Official store opening party will take place sometime at the end of January, keep your eyes peeled.













Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

K.I.N Holiday Sale

We will be putting selected brands on sale each week.

Whiteboard Journal

During our trip to Jakarta to participate in the Brightspot market, I stumbled upon another interesting group of people that are slowly contributing to the Indonesian scene.

Whiteboard Journal is an online publication that breezes through all sorts of design, culture, etc. What's interesting is that these guys actually cover stuff that's not really being covered by majority of the information sources out there. It also comes with extras such as tasteful opinion, a charming radio show and regular features on music, venues, etc. Anything thought provoking really.

They go through a lot of Indonesian progress as well so if any of our readers are heading down that way, make sure you have a read to get clued in.

Monday, December 07, 2009

sifr essentials : 2nd drop

sifr essentials second drop, now available in 11 colors at Tangs Orchard and Vivo City, Rockstar and at KIN. Comes with a new and improved fit, softer hand-feel and serious packaging.