Sunday, September 17, 2006

Easy Sunday....oh and David Blaine is a tool.

Good news that this weekend is almost over. It was rough. I'm just killing time before Super Sunday starts. If you're a footy fan, I'm sure you're either headed to a bar to start drinking or have completely isolated yourselves from the outside world. I have done enough drinking so I'll settle for the latter. I'm watching David Blaine's pointless ice exploit on the television and I just noticed he has one weird voice. He sounds permanently depressed.

I do blog & forum surfing every Sunday to catch up on things I may have missed out from friday p.m until sunday p.m. It's unreal how much you can miss out on in such a short time. Just goes to show how fast consumer culture manages to bring about new ideas.

David Blaine is out of the ice block and he is disoriented. He is going into shock. Who gives a shit you ask? I don't know.

I found something pretty cool on one of the blogs that I frequent. Apparently Omotesando is another one of those "different" areas in Tokyo where a lot of street fashion photography goes on. is a site that has such photographs. The site shows off some pretty wicked pictures with information on the clothing and prices in Yen as well as unique information as the dresser's style etc, etc. Good to see so much variety going on in the streets of tokyo. I respond to this. This constant search to define oneself brings about innovation, creativity, etc. It brings much-needed change and so on. Its a vicious cycle. Not a bad thing at all.

Don't get me wrong, I know this street fashion display has been going on a long time in Japan and has over time become a bit of a phenomenon. However, what I didn't know was that in Omotesando, magazine and freelance photogs alike set up early in the mornings to be able to get a good spot to photo these people on the streets. And if I may add, they take this shit pretty seriously. Read more about this here.

It's funny, I never really thought this whole street fashion thing would become so serious that even magazines and websites would be completely dedicated to it. I probably should admit I wish it wasn't so. It's all great and all, but it just seems almost 'planned' right? The intense scrutiny of it kind of takes away a bit of the charm. Some things are just better off left alone.

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