Friday, August 29, 2008

Clarks Originals

We've just got our latest drop from Clarks. Chip Buttie in heritage brown leather, Chip Place in natural canvas and Chip Paper in white canvas. They will be going at $269, $209 and $179 respectively.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Everyone's favourtie cult label PAM is back with their Autumn/Winter collection, 'AroundandAround'. Quantities are limited, so get your hands on them before they are all gone.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Soul Food @ Tuckshop

After doing a few drunken weekend tours round the island, the tuckshop boys are taking back to their turf! There is really no place like home! So come down for a tight, loud and deeply soulful night of quality music in the most secret of places, in the most hectic part of town!

DJs Funk Bastard (danceandsoul, cosa nostra) , Horrible & Kenneth on rotation playing the finest in undergroud hip-hop, funk, boogie n all other soul beats!
also featuring : the amazing ferris wheel light & ( see to believe ), white sound controlled disco experience

Friday, August 15, 2008

Personality Profile

Some of you may have noticed our print advertisement in this month's issue of Juice Magazine.

The idea behind the print ad is to highlight personalities that embody the core that we reach out to. Cultured, well-informed, educated people with substance, opinion and a dash of edge. We intend to feature them through the ads with hope of directing readers onto our blog so they can further understand these individuals and what they stand for.

For the month of August, we chose to feature Daryl Chan who's been key in the progress of the store. We chose to start at a grassroots level for the first issue.

Starting off with a diploma in Industrial design he then realized that the idea of focusing on one field was restricting and eventually went on to further his interest in Graphics on his own. The move gave him the opportunity to subsequently explore different channels of design as well as search for and exploit his unique qualities. He firmly holds that in today's world, designers need to be flexible enough to gear up for the most innovative and demanding challenges.

He also speaks of the value system between designers and viewers that is created by such a demanding and competitive field. Daryl maintains that viewers need to embrace the value of good design and the point of differentiation that a designer brings to the table in their approach. Instead of looking for a designer to simply fill a job, viewers need to seek out potential designers based on common ground. This ensures that a project will look more like a well executed solution rather than a "job" done. Call it "Rejection of Ostentation" if you will.

Daryl chose to work here for similar reasons.

He picked Julian Red to feature in the print ad because of their quiet yet substance-packed approach towards their work. He responds to everything from the presentation of their video look book to the quality of their denim. All this without asking for too much attention.

Look out for more print ads in the near future. They're costly but full of story.

Monday, August 11, 2008

KL Trip

The last few trips haven't really been conducive to taking pictures and blogging so we've decided to simply write up some recaps. Hopefully we stick to it.

Headed down to KL on the 9th of August for the Streething Nike Sportswear Launch. The event was on point with installations on display from select artists paying homage to the NSW line. One notable point, the line centers itself around comfort and functionality. The fabric used to make the windjammers were on a whole different level and could literally be worn to sleep.

The Streething boys made quite an impression that night. Julian Loh, who was also the photographer behind our Juice ad, was on hand to document the evening's debauchery. You may recognize him from some of your nights out on the town.

The original Ramli burger is the perfect pick me up. Just another thought.

Next we were ushered to this new bar called Cloth & Clef for the after party. A must go when you're down there. The space combines various mediums of culture - Art, music, fashion, food and beverage, etc. The owner did a great job with that. A simple, well executed space that caters to like-minded creative thinkers. Can't really go wrong with that.

Made my way to Sole What? the next day to have a look at the store. The guys have a great collection down there. Good to see those boys hard at work on a Sunday.

Thanks to the Streething boys, Edwin and the 176 random people I met throughout the night. Thank you for the great reception and the kind word on the progress of the store. I will be back soon.