Monday, May 31, 2010

public nuisance radio show no. 63 : funk bast*rd (cosa nostra)

another great mix from the singapore based dj funk bast*rd. everything from b-sides, funk, soul to jazz and space oddities. catch funkbast*rd at stereolounge jamming with cosa nostra (vocalist, sax and dj) on friday or funkbast*rd helming the dance floor solo at la maison every saturday.

public nusiance 63 front

public nuisance 63 back

Public Nuisance show No. 63 w the Funk Bast*rd (Cosa Nostra) by Cosa Nostra

Friday, May 28, 2010

sifr % percentile

The whole team will be down manning our table/rack at the event, if you haven't met us don't hesitate to strike up a conversation. See you guys there on Saturday the 12th of June.

A fashion gathering of more than 20 retailers and fashion designers.

Date : Saturday, 12 june
Time : 2.00-2.30 (VIP entrance) 2.30 - 7 pm (all)
Venue : the butter factory 1 Fullerton Road, #02-02/03/04, Singapore 049213

Premiering new collections by Quinn and S2VS tshirts

Good buys from your favourite brands : Volta, Antipodean, Womb, Very Wooonderland, Dr Martens, Rockstar by Soon Lee, Beluga, Actually, Depression, Furrmuse, Dejavu, Dustbunny, sifr, Surrealist Love Scene, Epitome, fru fru & tigerly, Nooka . . .

Have you seen collections from Singapore fashion designers Nicholas, Mae Pang, Sundays, Pauline Ning, Pouf Pouf . . .

Something special from Kizuki + LIM

Want more ?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sifr - Artisan Footwear

Introducing footwear from Sifr.

2 styles in; Toe cap Slip-ons in a contemporary shade of Grey and Navy as well as Evening Ankle Boots.

Cut in a slim profile, these are both ideal for lazy afternoons or power drinks at your local watering holes.

They have been lovingly produced by craftsmen in West Java, Indonesia; home to some of the best shoe-makers in the world. Rather than produce in other countries, we chose to work closer to home and support economies in greater need.

Branding for these were taken care of by the graphic people at Sifr's new design studio. Enjoy the splash of gold on the insole.

Photography courtesy of Julian Loh


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Charles Trees, The Dream: Gratiot Gowanus (with Shigeto)

Charles Trees

The Dream

(Musique Large)

Hallucinatory bump-soul-tronics from Charles Trees courtesy of French imprint Musique Large, the first in a pan global series of producer EP's from around the planet called Tour De Table. Trees is a Michigan producer with a clear love of psyched up R&B and slo-mo funk styles, rubbed up with the kind of schizoid beat patterns resonant of fellow Musique Large peoples, Debruit and Fulgeance. Fresh. (Taken off of Bleep)

Gratiot Gowanus (with Shigeto) by SHIGETO

Monday, May 17, 2010

Business of Fashion

A great article from the BoF website right here

Seems like business training is all they are lacking.

This brings about the question whereby if Singapore is actually ready to produce great fashion talent.

Pessimism aside, infrastructure's lacking.

You could actually swatch at Mood Designer Fabrics. You cannot do the same here.

You have streets dedicated to getting trims, fabric and supplies there. You don't have that here.

You have people who can draft patterns, and small production runs down there. That's not available here. These are all available in Japan, Korea, the UK, etc

To all of you starting trade shows here hoping to get international attention from big stores, you guys need to actually walk through the streets of Singapore and plan for infrastructure to accommodate.

Or maybe we should all just embrace Dsquared.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

3 Year Anniversary Sale

K.I.N. is going into our 3rd year and to show our gratitidue there will be our 3rd year anniversary sale from the 14th - 16th May (Friday - Sunday).

For our loyal Facebook Fans there will be a private sale on the 14th May (Friday) from 11am - 1pm. Thanks!

Saturday, May 01, 2010


is a word frowned upon in this business. There's not enough of it.

People don't say what things cost, how much you spend to make it, what your profit is, why you're charging so high, how much your overheads are?

There's not much wrong in actually being transparent in retail/production, much of what this article highlights. A great read really.

Is it because we'd scoff if we knew how much a product cost to make? What's the harm when everything under the sun available for purchase actually goes through the same process of cost + markup. This concept is generic.


These made for an interesting albeit small design hurdle. Here's a peak into our thought process:

From a design/production standpoint, you're often met with confusion as to when to draw the line. These tees we just produced embody our overall aesthetic to the fullest.

To most, these simply look like printed t-shirts. They've got more of a story than that.

What's interesting is that upon receiving the test prints, some uncertainty kicked in due to the boldness of the overall outcome.

The initial t-shirt pattern even had a lot more details on it than it currently does.

Combining the intricate detailing, brighter colors and bold prints would have been going in a direction that we're not really comfortable with. Its one or the other.

So for those of you that are great big fans of floral as we are, here's an interesting solution to avoid bastardizing it; we simply turned the prints inside out.
If that weren't enough, we toned down the details on the t-shirt to make up for the print that was still visible. We washed the garment to give it a slightly more worn-in feel and that managed to reduce the glare of the print to almost nothing. The end result was a more subtle, buttery soft, cotton/modal printed t-shirt.

That was more fitting for us.

These are cut for females, but still remain male friendly in sizing. Make sure to size up. Exclusively at Rockstar for $39 a piece.