Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Got into singapore yesterday and went straight to check out some real estate to look for another store space to rent. I saw some real cool places in other streets around the area. I will post pics later. I have so many other posts I wanted to put up but haven't been able to edit them.

So I saw a few good spots in other streets. These were real great spaces that would allow for me to operate the store downstairs and live upstairs so as to cut costs. That would also allow for more play and less work.

I went to the first space and it was pretty cool. It was all ready for moving in and setting up. The floors were exactly how I wanted them to be. All dingy and busted. The walls had water marks and mold growing in some places. I really wish I could throw up some pictures so as to show these little details more clearly. The second floor (living space) looked good. I was already planning where to place the bed so as to maximize the flow of chi. I may need to call Inny to ask for his feng shui help. Not really! I was actually planning where to strategically place all the mirrors to maximize showmanship. Iffyaknowdaameann. This place also had an attic. Perfect for when I need to abduct shoplifters!

Second place I went to was pretty cool as well. This had everything as the previous one. Slightly dingier though, which was good. It also had a sun/stair well which allowed for a lot of sunlight and it had a balcony. Ironically, it was overlooking the space that I own. The only problem with this place was that it had too much walking traffic!

I will be off in a bit to look at two other places.

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Avi said...

dude, i am really starting to feel your blog. i am excited to see the shop come up.