Monday, September 11, 2006

A Gang Gang Good Time!

You know that feeling when you've found a good restaurant and feel the need to go back there every time your stomache starts wincing even a little bit? Well Gang Gang Sulai (GGS) is that restaurant for my cousin Rishi and I. Founded in 1988, GGS was an instant hit and in no time there were 8 branches all over Jakarta. I think we even had a family dinner there back in '92 and that's how the love started.

Anytime Rish and I are yearning for cold beer and korean barbeque we hit up GGS. This time was no different, but we decided to include Inny and Jani to make it more merry.

Food there is served raw and you basically cook-it-yourself on the little stove placed in the middle of the table. This makes for great conversation I think. Probably a good place to bring a first date as well. Burning yourself through negligent cooking makes for a great ice-breaker.

We usually start of with the house salad and then move on to the bulgogi (below). This is probably our favorite meat in the entire place. The stuff never gets boring. Cooking this stuff takes about two seconds and the next thing you know its on your plate.

Next up we have the rib eye or the spare rib. Whatever it is, I can eat this stuff religiously. This is the part when we look at each other, lay our chopsticks down, take a bit of a breather and then sip on our beers. Two long seconds later we're back in it.

After that, we march on like real men and hit the final plate of meat. I'm not sure what this stuff is but last week was the first time we ordered it.

Meat on the barbie.....!

Dinner was capped off with some 'Neopolitan' ice cream and a plate of watermelon on the house. All for 25 bucks a pop. Good value for money you think, I agree!

You know what the dissapointing thing is though. On most visits to GGS, we've noticed a slightly apparent lack of demand for their food. Along with that, they've also closed down one branch. And that was the nearest one to my place dammnit. Sad but true! That's why you can consider this a plea to go out there and support your nearest Gang Gang Sulai branch to avoid this happening any longer.

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*The Dreamer* said...

I LOVE GGS! .. Korean barbecue has been my all time fav cuisine. You should check out The grill in kuningan. Their bulgogi and pork belly is awesome!