Monday, September 18, 2006

Store Update

I think most of you know that I have hit a standstill in terms of store preparation. You may also know that I am now thinking of renting a different store space around the same area as before so as to get the feet wet as soon as possible.

I was supposed to go to Singapore two weeks ago to get this done. Unfortunately shady ongoings hindered my ability to do so. I was then supposed to go last week but that plan turned to shit too. I have no idea why this happens considering Singapore is so close.

Good news though, I have found a hotel and a good airfare so I am headed down there tomorrow in the a.m to get things done. I will post more meaningless stuff from there. Hopefully it includes further good news.

Enjoy. See you Saturday.


Anonymous said...

You should try selling stuff from fashion houses such as banana republic from the US. Their fashions are so haute couture and I'm positive you will be most successful.

*The Dreamer* said...

I think that's the last thing we need...another designer store! We need some innovative stuff down here, a mix of everything if that.

surri said...

thats anil my cousin being a knob. He needs his ass kicked.