Thursday, September 21, 2006


Today was eventful.

I'm not sure where to start.

I couldn't get myself up this morning thanks to Ro's antics last night. I went out with him to Loof and then to M.O.S. Before, I went out drinking at some neighbourhood bars myself to start of the night. The humidity has been fucking with my eyes. Every beer I lay my eyes on seems to be calling out my name. My ears must be fucked too.

So I went out drinking at this bar around the corner from my hotel. It's called Addicted Place. It's actually pretty addictive since it's a good setting with cheap booze. I've been thinking of making my way back there. I was actually thinking of going there to cap off tonight but I chose to give it a bit of a break.

I then went to Loof to meet Ro and his buddies. There was some Levi's event there which was cool. They had Jean installations all over the place. Definitely consistent with Loof's strategic direction. Further on, we headed to M.O.S. I know, I know, but when in know how it goes! Anyway so we hit up Pure over there. Started with Whiskey, ended with Lemon Drops. The best part was chilling with Ro and his buddies. They were all really good people and it was great meeting them. Ro's got a good setup.

I then left, got some food and flailed around there looking for my hotel while still in a drunken stupor. Good fun

That was just last night.

That was why I slept in.

I started of this morning at the CPF office. Not sure what that stands for but its important to sort out to be able to apply for a business registration. It felt good to read those words on the picture.

Not surprisingly they rejected my CPF Singpass application. Singapore's not given me a good welcome with stuff like this. Apparently CPF needs my Employment Pass number to get my Singpass, but the only way to get an EP, I would need to register the business. The only way I can register a business at ACRA is with a Singpass. Lost? So was I.

I decided to head back to the office to get some lunch. Shortly after, I left for the hotel to drop of my stuff before heading to a friend's house. On the way there I spotted the Venu freestanding concept store on the side of North Bridge road. Those that don't know, Venu is the sole distributor of Puma and all of their other collaboration projects. They have Mcqueen, Neill Barrett, Mihara Yasuhiro and some other stuff at their stores in Ann Siang Hill and Palais Renaissance.

I then headed to my buddy Resida's. She studies at Raffles Design Institute and majors in Fashion Design. Let me be the one to tell you, this is one fierce broad. Resida is so talented that if there was one person I would like help from with the store in terms of buying and selling, it would almost definitely be her. She knows her stuff and is constantly trying to learn more. She also brought out her final projects to show me. I wasn't dissapointed at all. We have a similar vision. Furthermore, she agreed to help me out with the store later on. We agreed on minimum wage.

Resida lives with her roomie Tasha who has a beast of a French Bulldog. After Boston I've become a real dog person so it came as no surprise when the dog started to give me subtle grunts as an indication to piss off. I think he was worried it was me that was going to give him rabies instead. Trust me I would have. Let me introduce 'Tora'.

Check out my facial expression. How could you not want to show love to a hero like this.

I passed out on the couch for a little over an hour thanks to the humidity. That was a nice break from the fashion paper we were working on for Resida's final.
I then capped off the night with a cold beer over dinner with Res, Tash and Tora at a nearby restaurant. Again the humidity was messing with me and didn't make dinner very comfortable. I need to invest in some shorts and slippers.

Hopefully tomorrow's better. I get the answer from the tenant then.


Avi said...

get a good camera bro.

surri said...

lol sorry bout that, my phone is big enough. I didnt want to carry two things.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Take some good pictures. Banana Republic represent. True that. Foo. Word.