Monday, September 11, 2006


For those of you that are interested in culture, fashion, art, etc, Superfuture is a good resource to find out all the funnest stuff going on in and around your hood.

Click on a city and it'll show you a whole list of shops, hotels, galleries that are worth checking out. Click on any one of the destinations and it'll show a review of it. Do yourself a favor and use this site. You will thank me.

I walked around New York City with a map from there and ended up discovering some good spots.

I looked up Melbourne to scout out all the good places worth checking out for our upcoming trip there next month. Here's the link. Those of you from around there please let us know what I need to keep a look out for.

The Supertalk forum there is a good resource too. Some of those dudes take their denim and their politics pretty seriously so try not to piss anyone off. Those dudes in the "What are you wearing today" thread are no less.

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