Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bob Dob

Other than design, I'm pretty into illustration as well. I find an individual's perception on certain things to be really interesting. Especially when its tied in with art. I think illustration is one of the purest forms of seeing someone's perception of something under more creative circumstances. Juxtapoz is a real good resource if you're into illustration and other forms of urban art.

Here's an artist i'm really feeling now: Bob Dob. He's got a wicked style that I can't seem to easily point out. Maybe thats why I am so intrigued.

Above works are his best portraits. "Man Child", "Air Head" & "Pot Head". All works are Oil on Panel.

Can't quite identify what it is I respond to most or if it's the entire illustration as a 'whole'. His portraits are off the wall right? This one below is a favorite. Two of the most significant video game characters of our time taking a break to share a cold one. Genius!

Comments welcome.

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