Friday, September 15, 2006

Sorry bout not posting in a while. I took off work on Wednesday to waste the day with Shane, Inny and Jani. Last night I was down with some foodpoisoning. That wasn't fun at all.

Wednesday involved a whole lot of nothing until the P.M. Then we played pool at Eastern Promise for the competition. Thanks to Inny's heroics we did just fine and came out with a draw. I must say Inny should have taken both games. Was good to see everyone in good spirits and enjoying themselves. Everyone also got involved in the game 'Killer' where you're supposed to buy in and then you play against everybody else. You have to sink something when your turn is up. A miss is a strike and three strikes means you're out. Last man standing wins the pot. Good fun.

We capped off the night with another drink at Dragonfly. I'm glad we left after one drink.

Weekend's up. Don't waste it.

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