Monday, August 31, 2009

Dance & Soul: Funk Bastard

Some friendly fire for our friends at Dance & Soul.

"Finally we get our chance to play what's close to our hearts and ears. You're hearing Dean as we traverse the boundless web of the world on our surfboards of wax. We intend to invade your head and zombify you, only then will you do our bidding to spread the gospel of jazz, soul, house, hip hop and funkify our planet!"

Click here to listen.

1. Velben - travellin man (Rich Granberg travellin mix)
02. Andre Lodemann - coming home
03. Glossy edits - last night
04. Sauce81 - the flying nimbus
05. Freddy The Flying Dutchman & The Sistina Band- Wojtila 5. disco dance
06. Deep Heat- do it again
07. Creole - little groove
08. Dj spinna - guaranteed feat Phonte and Yazarah
09. Budamunky and Joe styles - hot shit
10. Chris daddy dave - watch do feat kashmere don
11. Marc mac - dice beat (instrumental)
12. Michael jackon - let me show u (Social Disco Club edit)
13. Efdemin - acid bells (Martyn's bittersweet mix)
14. Alleykiat - purpleclouds
15. Malachi thompson -back to the one

GUEST MIX : Humberto Matias aka Social Disco Club (Bearfunk)

01. Cole Medina - Peggy (Unreleased)
02. Social Disco Club - Give Me The Sunshine (Disco Deviance Promo)
03. Glossy - Burning Love (Glossy Edits)
04. For Discos Only - Bitshift 2 (For Discos Only)
05. The Detroit Experiment - Think Twice (Mark E Remix) (Juno)
06. Trusme - Nards (Stilove4music)
07. Kenny Dixon Jr aka Moodymann - Yesterdays (Soul City)
08. Saturday Night Band - Don't (Social Disco Club Rework) (Unreleased)
09. Deborah Washington - Rock It (Social Disco Club Re-Edit) (Unreleased)
10. Rove Dogs - Miss Boogie (Mindless Boogie)
11. Dusty Springfield - That's The Kind Of Love I've Got For You (Disco 3000 edit) (Ballerino)
12. Bombers - Disco Galaxy (Mike Burns Edit)

A Visit to Nepenthes New York

This last July, Suraj and I met up in NYC to visit a couple showrooms. The shots below are from our visit to the Engineered Garments showroom at the Nepenthes office.

eg nyc (5 of 5)

eg nyc (4 of 5)

eg nyc (3 of 5)

eg nyc (2 of 5)

eg nyc (1 of 5)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lee Fields and the Expressions

Do You Love Me (Like You Say You Do)
If anyone wants to book them with us drop us a line! We'll go halfsies.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Porte Monnaie

Coming into KIN soon.

Here's a little blurb on Porte Monnaie and some photos of their classic wallet.

"Porte Monnaie are the makers of original wallets, comprising innovative and traditional materials in a unique design of minimalist style. Natural, locally sourced russet leather and the paper-like tactility of flash spun high density polyethylene form the back bone of a Porte Monnaie wallet.

The dyes used to colour and decorate Porte Monnaie wallets are natural making it completely recyclable without compromising on quality or style. Hand made in London by craftsmen, and packaged and delivered with care."


Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Little Horrorcore, Gravediggaz - 2 Cups of Blood

Gravediggaz were: Prince Paul, Frukwan, Too Poetic and RZA.

Arm to the leg, leg, on to the head! yo
Be the ryzarector, resurrect the mental dead
G to the r to the y m reaper
As I get deeper than a crypt, resurrect, kid!
Don't go against the grain, mad slang is my thang
I leave the hearty party with a bang buzza
Boom! check my tune, it gotcha hyper
Don't give a fuck about a sucker c-cipher! ...

Fun & Flea Market Hosted by: 'Going OM'

Come down for some drinks, food, music and shopping all in support of Going OM's charity fundraiser for the Hmong hilltribe people of Thailand.
Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend. 
KIN end of the season sale will still being going on except with final sale discounts.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

MAKR Carry Goods

We're proud to say that we will be carrying MAKR in store within the next few weeks. Hailing from the United States, MAKR is taking a contemporary approach to craftsmanship and product development.  Their great quality wallets, bags and accessories are sourced, designed and hand-crafted in the US. Here are some press clippings and a link to their about section on their website.

Valet Mag

A Continuous Lean

A preview of some of the styles we will be carrying in store soon.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

End of Season Sale. Aug 14th-31st

Spread the Word, Spread the Love

A Mid Year Break

June marked the start of a mid year break for us.

I took a trip to London, then to Boston to visit the family and then finally to New York City to get some work-related stuff done.

London is a great city. The way to approach London is to avoid any formal agenda. Take it as it comes, grab something to read and head to one of the local pubs. Have an afternoon drink and wash the midweek boredom away. Trust us, the Guiness there does taste better!

Like many of the locals, I found myself firmly tucked into a pint at some of these places on the daily. The Westbourne was an interesting watering hole with a mixture of fun people. We seriously need to do a little more afternoon drinking over here like those people do.

The Tate Modern is a great structure that houses some impressive artwork from many of the contemporary greats. A must visit but to be honest, it had to be done after a few pints.

I also briefly visited a few of the stores to do some reconnaissance work. Margaret Howell's space in Marlyebone Road is amazing. Lots of natural light that illuminate the clothes and accessories on offer. One of the best by far.

On a more low-key note, Albam was a great visit. The store was tucked away nicely on Beak Street in Soho. Casual, friendly service with beautiful garments that are geared for more modest consumers. Strangely, some of the people in the neighborhood weren't even aware of the existence of this fine store. Shame.

Point to note regarding Albam: Pay attention to the little die-cut stickers on some of the glass panes that relay useful information. This was a slick display of indirect interaction with the customer. A good touch.

Another store I headed to was The Garbstore. Great space and produce but I'm not a big fan of salespeople that throw in details, sizes and colors available even when you are in the direct vicinity of a piece of clothing. Just let me know you're there to help. That always does the trick.

Moving on to food, make sure you have yourself a fry-up when in London. I'd heard about these things over and over. It is basically 2000 calories worth of every kind of breakfast food on a plate. Then wash it down with a pint nearby.

Next up was Boston to spend the 4th of July with my family and friends. Always great to be back there. The city has a real distinct vibe. It's got some sort of old world charm that you truly appreciate after spending a decent amount of time there. Very few fancy nightclubs with bottle service and the like. Everyone's just casual and in their own element. Instead of hitting downtown Boston, try the South End. It's one of the best areas around to find small bars and restaurants with a real close-knit vibe.

I then headed down to Cape Cod and Plymouth, Massachusetts for an interesting excursion with the family. Plymouth is where the Pilgrims first settled in America in 1620. It's got a great big landmark called the Plymouth Rock which marks the spot where they tied their boats to in order to dock. The city's got a small but vibrant population that relies solely on tourism. Perfect for a stop-over if ever in the tri-state area. New England culture at it's finest!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Feature in Today Newspaper

Thanks for the heads up Pei Wen

Friday, August 07, 2009

A Behind the Scenes Look at the Photo Shoot for Our First Zine Issue

A peak into the KIN zine photoshoot. Enjoy...

kinzine (1 of 10)
The man behind the graphics trying it on for size

kinzine (2 of 10)
We found him in the store like this

kinzine (3 of 10)
What's in your pockets?

kinzine (4 of 10)
Preparing a set

kinzine (5 of 10)
Behind the lens

kinzine (6 of 10)
We're about halfway through the shoot at this point

kinzine (7 of 10)
Viewfinder vantage point

kinzine (9 of 10)
Product shots

kinzine (10 of 10)
The end of a long day

Best Regards,