Thursday, February 16, 2006

Alright, so seeing that everyone has started one of these things, I decided to do it too. A few factors actually influenced my decision to do this. First of all, I have been fuckin bored in the office seeing that the people I am dealing with on a professional level are not showing me the love I have showed them. I have no more work and am at a complete standstill. Also, seeing Cuzin Avi mentally a bit more balanced and drinking less had me thinking that the blog has something to do with it. Good news!

Thanks to him....I have become a protege of his. Seems to me like this thing is a great way to vent your thoughts and your frustrations, among other things. Living here has made me realize that not many around will actually listen or try to understand me, so the best way to do it is to sit down and type. Hopefully I'll also get better at creative writing.....don't mind it.

Also, I do want to approach this blog as a way to showcase interesting shit I find, things that really piss me off, fun stuff to buy and other ways to blow your money etc, as well as a place to showcase my work in design and maybe even photography. In the coming weeks, check back often, i'm going to have this thing in full swing.....E-Nuff!