Friday, July 07, 2006

I have been back from the U.S for about a week now. That was a mighty fine vacation hanging out with Michelle, Kevin and Fonzy (below). Those three are my closest family members and being with them for a whole month was a trip. I want a dog.

Okay so there's nothing better than some insight to this trip. I'm going to start from the very beginning. Got to Boston a month and a half ago and basically started looking for a job. All this for some extra experience to make it slightly easier when I have to run the store solo. Thats also another thing I want to use this blog for, to educate those aspiring entrepreneurs on how to open a store. Check back often for more updates!

Yeah, so I tried everywhere...even the highly-anticipated Bodega. Bodega is a sneaker store that has a fully functioning convenience store at the front. If you were there and was not "in the know", you probably wouldn't know that the snapple vending machine in the corner of the bodega is actually an entrance. As you walk up to the machine, it slides over to the left and opens up to this:

So got there and spoke with the owners Jay, Dan and Oliver but unfortunately they had nothing open so I had to keep movin.....

Next I tried Laced Boston. Another fine sneaker establishment who don't quite have a sneaker account yet. At the moment they are functioning as a reseller with a whole lot of their personal collection on display. I can't imagine how that feels but it must hurt a whole lot. No job openings there as they won't be getting their account for another 6 months. They do look like their going to do well being in the South End and all. Its pretty surprising how that area is all cleaned up and looking good.

Marching on, I then headed to the "oh so cool" "online, trendy, streetwear, urban, fashion boutique" (WTF???) Karmaloop. They have a pretty cool selection of sneakers and clothing from Vans to New Balance to Tank Theory, STPL Design, etc. I'm seriously feeling this New Balance support down there.

Not hating on Karmaloop or anything but that store is one fine example of poor marketing strategy. The positioning of that store and it's brands is by far one of the best displays of marketing gone wrong. Its supposed to be a streetwear store but is located at the heart of Newbury Street, which is the main street shopping area. I'm not sure their CEO Greg Selkoe knew what he was thinking when he chose the location. Is it placed there so that Newbury Street traffic (90% Eurotrash) can walk in, browse, and purchase a "Kid Robot" toy, or a pair of Reebok "Miami Vice" ERS Racer, or for that matter even a Fred Perry Polo. Again, I'm not hating but their choice of location should have been better thought out. Besides, the rent there must be killing them.

Anyway, so I walked in and spoke with one of the managers there and applied. I came back about a week later and interviewed. I thought I had this one in the bag as soon as she started talking about Staple Design. I just went off about the Reed Space without any regard to time or anything because I have true respect for the ideas behind that fine institution. Long story short, she told me I had the job and she would call and confirm.

Surprise, surprise, I didn't get the job and ended up working at Urban Outfitters. That fuckin sucked...and they still haven't paid me. Just goes to show what a great company they are. The place is run by a bunch of kids who have absolutely no idea what they are doing. I'm just glad I'm not 19, confused, broke and struggling to pay for a college degree. Most of my ex co-workers were and that just really fucked most of them up. They were depressed, bitter people who didn't have a clue about customer service. was a good experience for what it was worth.

This trip continues on soon...lemme gather my thoughts.