Thursday, November 18, 2010

sifr 2010 : evening ankle boots

Evening Ankle Boots, handmade by expert craftsmen. It'll help you walk the walk. Now available at KIN and Rockstar. Click the links for more information regarding how to procure these wonderful boots.



Sunday, November 14, 2010

Be Linen Movie

A friend recently passed me the link to the video below. I found the timing of my friends recommendation to be quite uncanny as the world's cotton supply plummets due to terrible harvests the last two years and prices begin to shoot up as world consumption catches up with supply. The question I have been asking myself regarding fabric is where to next? We at sifr have been looking at several possible fabric alternatives to offset our cotton consumption. For our jersey we've been exploring modal, tencel, and bamboo. For our woven we have been looking at linen (not European in particular), lyocell, and several other cellulose & synthetic blends. You'll start to see us use a wider range of fabric types this coming 2011.

If you're interested in fabric or just about systems & processes the video below will most definitely satiate your curiosity. The 15 minute film provides a brief glimpses at different components of the growing, processing, post processing, manufacturing, and fabrication of the oldest fabric in the world, linen. The film is beautifully shot and has superb flow between the different topics related to linen although the video does get a little too overt with the marketing it's still a great watch, enjoy!

BE LINEN MOVIE from Benoit MILLOT on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

sifr 2010 : eppaulette shirt


the eppaulette shirt is made from a custom 60's double micro sanded cotton poplin. (60's double micro sanded: 60 is weight of the thread and double means that the thread is two ply. micro sanded is a post-weave finishing that gives the fabric a slight sheen as well as drops the weight of the fabric). this slim fit shirt is perfect for a night out. it features single needle stitching, a split seam placket, and mother of pearl buttons.


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

sifr 2010 : jersey contrasts


made from a lightweight 100% japanese cotton yarn dye gingham. (yarn dye: the weave of the fabric is composed of different color threads which make up the pattern which is gingham in this case). this slim fit shirt is perfect for a night around town. it features a hidden placket and cotton modal accents.


Saturday, November 06, 2010

Deck Towels

Deck Towel (made of 100% Italian linen)

"Our towels are light, compact and sturdy. They don't hold in sand or odors like cotton, and are both faster-drying and more absorbent."

A great gift for family or friend that's a frequent beach goer. I reckon, you could even use it as a bath towel.


Photography : Gianni

Thursday, November 04, 2010


We're handing out a last minute reminder to all our readers that tomorrow night 8PM is ROX's live event at TAB. We have come together with x-mini to create a great give away package. Contents include: x-mini speakers, a cash voucher for KIN and sifr essentials. Check the flyer below for more details. Tickets are available at the door.

See you guys at the event!

sifr & KIN


Monday, November 01, 2010

sifr & isetan : pop-up store

We're doing our second pop-up store at Isetan Scotts! November sifr items will be released at the pop-up space. Keep a look out for our space, we are right by the escalators leading up to Lido Cineplex. Details on the flyer below. With any purchase above 150SGD we'll be giving you a free traveler jacket.
sifr x isetan pop-up store

Some images of us prototyping palate configurations.

palate work (4 of 4)

palate work (3 of 4)

palate work (2 of 4)

palate work (1 of 4)

Looking forward to seeing you there!