Tuesday, April 19, 2011

sifr 2011 : the return of the band pants!

The return of the band pant & short! You can purchase these online, at K.I.N, rockstar or TANGS. Click the photos to view more information on the product, or if you're feeling generous with yourself. These band shorts / pants feature an amazing high density lightweight Japanese cotton twill from Osaka. The hand feel is out of this world, they wear even better.

inside of the band pant / short

chocolate band pants

sand band pants

salmon band pants

sand band short

salmon band short

chocolate band short

Sunday, April 10, 2011

BROWN BAG! sifr & darker than wax & kin

Hello dear readers! We are throwing an amazing party this coming friday on the roof top of kinki. The participants are the new record label based out of Singapore, Darker Than Wax in conjunction with both sifr and KIN. Party opens it doors at 9PM and goes till 2AM! Please RSVP on our facebook, once we hit capacity on the roof deck it will be RSVP priority. Click here to access our facebook event page.

Looking forward to seeing you there and having one too many drinks with us!

With love and passion,
Brown Bag!



Friday, April 08, 2011

sifr & 'nd i : making custom furniture p.2

We're getting ready for Blueprint at the moment, it hasn't been this hectic in awhile. Hence the intermittent blogging... We need guest writers/bloggers! If you like writing please contact us! So many story ideas but no time to write. We are also looking for bloggers in Jakarta. If you have video and photo experience please contact us, we're looking to document all of Suraj's movements in Jakarta and share them with you all on youtube and on a blog(we are porting to a wordpress very very soon).

The photos below document the proto-typing phase for our a-frame. We're no George Nakashima but we did a pretty damn good job at constructing the a-frame used to hang the new line 'ND I.

If you're interested in contributing to DEAR time please email, info{A}sifrsite.com

We are porting our blog very very soon, hop on board the new movement!

drying the wood

drying the wood

chilling in the office

a-frame structure

drilling a-frame

drilling a-frame

prototyping a-frame

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Garment info you won't find anywhere else

What you see here is another trick of the rag trade. Read on..

In the case where your garments using dual fabric don't exactly match the color you are looking for, you can always paint it.

More specifically, this is a technique in garment manufacturing where you can use garment dye mixed accordingly to the color you are looking for. When you get the correct shade in the concoction, take a regular paintbrush, dab it into a little bit of the dye, blot and then paint away. I don't encourage doing this on your own. It takes experienced hands to get the job done. Always be sure to paint 1 coat all around first and go again as per your final requirement. Furthermore, be sure to let the coat dry to decide whether it matches before going again.

Watch the video and you'll notice at the middle mark that the base fabric does not match the jersey being used. This is a slight shade variation that was quite noticeable and we had to make sure that the jersey was matching the base fabric.

Worried about it running? Don't be.

As the paint/dye dries, the fabric will absorb it just as much as if you were dyeing it regularly. The garment outer layer may be a bit hard at first but after the ironing/steaming process, it'll be as good as if it was never painted.

Another one to keep handy. You read it here first.


Sunday, April 03, 2011

'ND I : photos from behind the scenes

Some background images from our recent 'ND I shoot. We took a bunch of video as well, currently working to get a video out to further support the aesthetic of the collection. If the building looks familiar, it's because you might have had some coffee or eaten there.

ndi (10 of 10)

ndi (9 of 10)

ndi (8 of 10)

ndi (7 of 10)

ndi (6 of 10)

ndi (5 of 10)

ndi (4 of 10)

ndi (3 of 10)

ndi (2 of 10)

ndi (1 of 10)

51 Haji Lane

Paragon #03-08

Retail Therapy
Wheelock Place #03-13