Thursday, April 16, 2009

Marumushi News Map

In today's information age, media in all different forms especially on the internet moves so fluidly if not too fluidly. One way to help keep tabs on the current headlines is the News Map developed by It enables the viewer to browse current headlines in a visually stimulating manner. Marumushi which is headed by design engineer Marcos Weskamp investigates interaction between the user and informational media. Below is a short description behind the direction of marumushi and the development of the news map.

"Today we are being constantly bombarded with information, be it on the street, on the train, on TV, radio. The Internet is a wonderful communication tool, but day after day we find ourselves constantly dealing with information overload. Today, the internet presents a new challenge, the wide and unregulated distribution of information requires new visual paradigms to organize, simplify and analyze large amounts of data. New user interface challenges are arising to deal with all that overwhelming quantity of information."

Hope this will make your news consumption that much more efficient.

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