Friday, April 24, 2009

Kohei Nishiyama: Consumer Collaboration

Kohei Nishiyama the head of elephant design is currently working with Lego and Muji to help facilitate "Co-creation", one of Muji's and Lego's next moves in production/marketing. In a nutshell Muji's and Lego's definition of "Co-creation" is that of where the consumer designs a product and depending on how well that product is recieved via internet (through cuusoo) voting it is then produced and the designer recieves a fraction of the revenue from the product they designed. Pretty interesting concept, see the video below.


Anonymous said...

interesting path some of these larger more mass companies are taking. mass customization next step for the consumer?

cjf said...

Yeah most definitely I'd say.

Nike-id, a lot of people just thought it was cool, but didn't take a second to realize how ground breaking that model is. A company that produces millions of shoes now customizes individual pairs for consumers.

T-lab in Jakarta and Public Library in LA are doing the same except going with t-shirt customization.

plastikxp said...

It enables these companies to understand its consumers better definitely. Since its a new era of citizen and consumer empowerment thus this is a really good move and something which needs to be embraced for sure.