Monday, March 12, 2007


It's good to get back into it and seeing work go on in the store. The renovations are moving along smoothly and apparently we are 1 day ahead of schedule. We should be fine getting done by the end of March.

I visit the store space at least twice a day. It's always good to see new things going on. On occasion, the space looks completely different on the day's second visit and that's a good feeling. This morning I went down and there was no sky light up on the roof. A couple of hours later I made the trip down and saw the sky light almost completely done and the music area cleaned up, cemented and plastered. These guys work quick.

I also got another shipment in today from Call of the Wild. I am waiting for my shipment from Obedient Sons as I write this. It's great fun opening up these boxes and looking through some of the good stuff in there. I'm hoping people don't buy a lot of stuff so I can keep most of this shit. Yes, the stuff is that good!

I also secured Perks and Mini. They used to be represented by Surrender down here but I'm not sure what happened. People have been anxious for P.A.M to get their stuff back into Singapore so I hope it works out for the store. I need to get PAID!

I have thought about the merchandising and layed it all out in my head. I have pictured the clothing sitting in store and it's looking real good. The P.A.M and Call of the Wild is going to look good next to the Obedient Sons merchandise.

I have been real excited about this whole project. The folks were down here this weekend and they went through the space and they were impressed. I've had a lot to think about and sometimes the 'rents catch me daydreaming. My mother just backhands me upside the head and then I wake up almost instantly the way, the Obedient Sons shipment just got in and all of us gathered around the boxes like little girls to look through the stuff. The stuff is real quality!

Yeah so I have had a lot to think about and it's not going to stop so I better just appreciate it and get on with it.

More photographs of updates.

Back soon.


Avi said...

sounds awesome bro. dont forget to keep somthing good for me.

surri said...

Slowly getting there man. It's all coming together real good.