Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Further Progress

Moving along just fine. After a long weekend in Jakarta it was good to come back to obvious progress. Hard to match the trip I had but I have to admit that the store put a decent smirk on my face that lasted a whole lot longer than usual.

We started off the weekend with a whole lot of this:

Sunday came along. The whole family gathered to get a bite at this new joint near the house called "The Pancake House". The food wasn't too good but the company was just right. My family put it best when they said; "It's like white people food made by a bunch of Indonesians".

My flight got delayed out of Jakarta but that wasn't too much of an inconvenience since I met some dude that I knew of. We sat there and shot the shit for a few hours before they put us on an Emirates flight. Good call. Arabic stewardesses sure beat checking out Lufthansa Hags!

I got home to this:

I'm headed back to Jakarta this weekend for a buddy's wedding so that should be good fun. He's the first out of all of us boys to take the plunge so we'll be sure to show our support. Looking forward to it!

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