Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Store Progress

Right after I received the work schedule from the contractor today, I broke out into a wtf?! fit for a while. I then decided to call the guy and ask him again, wtf?! was going on.

As I recited my frustration, he cut me off halfway and then went on on a rant of his own. This then progressed into a full blown argument. So get this, according to the schedule now, work will be completed by the END OF NEXT MONTH. Those were his exact words. I am noting this down so that I can hold him responsible when shit isn't finished by the END OF NEXT MONTH. You all can get my back if he chooses to delay even further. When I reminded him of his promise that the project will be done by the end of March, he quickly denied making those claims. So now it's confirmed, END OF NEXT MONTH.

Remember, when working with a contractor, do not make the same mistakes I have. When you are signing your contract and paying them, make sure they identify the start and end dates. Do not simply ask how many days it will take. They usually speak in "working days". 1 "working month" usually means a lot more than just 1 month. It means 1 and a half months. So there you go. I'm sure you guys have learnt something valuable today.

I went to the store today and received the new sanitary items that need to be put in. Nothing exciting but I took a few more photographs.

Back soon.

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