Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sole Obsession

Last Sunday White Room down on Haji Lane hosted the Sole Obsession sneaker meet. The event was organized by the peeps from White Room, Leftfoot and was sponsored by New Balance and Tiger Beer.

This was the first independent sneaker meet of it's kind. A couple of people chipped in and displayed some of their finest shit but majority of the emphasis was on New Balance. Good to see one of the sneaker brands actually working directly with the consumers and getting involved. This is what makes New Balance one of the best brands out there and I will be pushing it in store. Their non-corporate approach to getting the word out is commendable.

T-shirts were printed out for the event and I'm actually wearing mine as I write this. The booze was also flowing pretty easily which made for a real good day out. There was even a line formed outside White Room which still baffles me till today. I don't think there was anything for sale except for the t-shirts so I don't really understand what the deal was with the line. I guess the hypebeasts were out in full force that day.

I got to meet some fine people at the event and also managed to get the word out about the store as well. I don't think some of the competitors were too happy but that's how it goes.

Enjoy the photographs.

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