Monday, October 09, 2006

Pro-Gress Report..

So I now have the proposal from my buddy Jason. He agreed to work on the project which is good news. The proposal was pretty straight forward. I pay him a flat fee and he goes off to Singapore for 21 days which can be broken up into three visits. I have to foot the transportation, lodging and food costs. I told him to go on a muesli and bake bean diet but I don't think he's up for that. Not a worry as Singapore has good cheap eats everywhere so I'm sure we can minimize those costs. I also mentioned to him that he could stay at my place so that should help reduce other financial burdens.

I also have another person in mind. Not that I am questioning my buddy's talents but this other resource is a creative agency in Singapore. The Asylum is a creative agency that works on everything from corporate identity all the way to interior design. They are real good and their actual store space is one that is similar to mine in that it's an old conserved Chinese style shophouse. They already know the deal so thats all good. I have spoken to the creative director's assistant and she sort of said that they would work on the project. I'm basically leaning towards them because of the fact that they would be more accessible and will have no worries when I need to yell at em to get things up to scratch. And they won't only limit themselves to 21 days of work.
I am waiting for further word from them so I can make my decision.

I collect keys to my apartment on the 14th of this month. I collect keys to the store on the 15th. I'm so anxious to get this shit going. I will be headed to Singapore on Friday the 13th. Hopefully I stay well away from any bad luck. I will be staying there until the 20th. I will then head back here to Jakarta, get crunk and stay that way until we fly out on Sunday morning. I'm very psyched to meet all the good people I know in Perth and Melbourne. Hopefully they feel the same.


*The Dreamer* said...

IM JEALOUS!! I too wanna meet the good people of melbourne :(

Avi said...

i am so excited to see your shop come up. I think it is awesome that you are actually investing money in the concept design and so on. That is so NOT the typical sindhi way to do it.

surri said...

well yeah I need to really iron out the concept so people don't mistake it as a sort of streetwear boutique. Since I am going to be doing the sneakers as well Im going to need to be real careful with the design direction so as to really appeal to people who appreciate youth culture and design as opposed to people who simply like "clothing" or "sneakers".