Monday, October 09, 2006

Corso Como

This is 10 Corso Como in Milan. People in the game have been raving about this particular spot. I like the environmental design direction. It's absolutely deconstructed on the outside but boasts a clean and collected interior. I like that it does not bother to call out for attention to the people that don't understand or care. Rather, they leave it to the people that actually do know about it while at the same time not excluding anyone. Bit like myself. It's almost elitist in a non-elitist sort of way.

Im really feeling the run down windows, doors, and the dishevelled creepers all over the place. Look at the signage as well.

The thing that irks me a little bit is it's interior but the merchandising takes the cake.

The interior is cool and all but that whole absolute contemporary thing has always annoyed me because it somewhat looks all too perfect. Kinda like some architect and contractor has been paid enormous sums of money to execute their own vision without the input of the store owner. Maybe I'm paranoid but I get that feeling sometimes when I walk into all them high fashion stores. Kind of like the new Dior boutique.

Now to the merchandise. Here's where I start to shiver. The dude responsible for merchandise must have been toking on some bad shit when he pulled all this together. Get this, Bape's in there next to Prada thats next to Gucci thats next to Fred Perry thats next to Comme Des Garcons thats next to Nike. Hmmmm.....

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*The Dreamer* said...

Sounds a whole lot like Club 21. Cept I absolutely love the exterior.