Monday, May 31, 2010

public nuisance radio show no. 63 : funk bast*rd (cosa nostra)

another great mix from the singapore based dj funk bast*rd. everything from b-sides, funk, soul to jazz and space oddities. catch funkbast*rd at stereolounge jamming with cosa nostra (vocalist, sax and dj) on friday or funkbast*rd helming the dance floor solo at la maison every saturday.

public nusiance 63 front

public nuisance 63 back

Public Nuisance show No. 63 w the Funk Bast*rd (Cosa Nostra) by Cosa Nostra


boris said...

sounds like Radio Madrid:

cjf said...

hey boris will give a listen~!

hope you liked the mix

boris said...

yeah it's pretty rad. radio madrid stopped making podcasts because he didnt have much time. but it's the same sort of vibe of fantastic jazz/funk tracks. it's almost as if funk bastard is carrying on his legacy