Saturday, May 01, 2010


These made for an interesting albeit small design hurdle. Here's a peak into our thought process:

From a design/production standpoint, you're often met with confusion as to when to draw the line. These tees we just produced embody our overall aesthetic to the fullest.

To most, these simply look like printed t-shirts. They've got more of a story than that.

What's interesting is that upon receiving the test prints, some uncertainty kicked in due to the boldness of the overall outcome.

The initial t-shirt pattern even had a lot more details on it than it currently does.

Combining the intricate detailing, brighter colors and bold prints would have been going in a direction that we're not really comfortable with. Its one or the other.

So for those of you that are great big fans of floral as we are, here's an interesting solution to avoid bastardizing it; we simply turned the prints inside out.
If that weren't enough, we toned down the details on the t-shirt to make up for the print that was still visible. We washed the garment to give it a slightly more worn-in feel and that managed to reduce the glare of the print to almost nothing. The end result was a more subtle, buttery soft, cotton/modal printed t-shirt.

That was more fitting for us.

These are cut for females, but still remain male friendly in sizing. Make sure to size up. Exclusively at Rockstar for $39 a piece.

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rejoice!nice work....