Monday, July 13, 2009

Wrath Arcane

"I don't even know what the trends are," says O'Neill. "I don't care if Europe's full of color or whatever. Those trends don't translate across the country. Guys want a basic silhouette."

Take a midday break.

Have a read.

There's a good article on Wrath Arcane in case some of you would like to know more background info. Check it here

Really good insight into what they're doing and how challenging it really is to start a label.


Eazy-E said...

A really great read!

BDK said...

Word to the homie up above, going against the grain and the soul of independence! great article.

james said...

hey, great read, i didnt know that this blog was updated so frequently, last time around it was only once a month

know it nothing said...

We'll be doing our best to keep updating this spot very frequently.

We also have a few others regularly contributing. Fresh info from more people.

Enjoy the read.

cjf said...

great article~