Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Gitman Vintage

We're proud to say that Gitman Vintage will be one of our new labels arriving at the store this summer. It's parent company(Gitman) has roots in NYC and is based out of Ashland, Virginia and has been in operation for the last 4 decades. All Gitman products are made in America. Gitman has raised an artisan craftsmanship culture around the Ashland area for quite a number of years now specializing in shirt making where it has employed families for years.

Gitman Vintage(American heritage inspired) is manufactured at the Ashland factories from scratch. Thread is developed in house and then used to manufacture the beautiful shirts, from start to finish, the whole process is handled in house with over decades of experience. The label takes cue from, "fabrics culled from late 1970s and early 1980s line-books (as well as current fabrications) and includes authentic details such as double-track stitching, chalk buttons and locker-loops. The collection is reissued with the original "Gitman Bros. Est 1978" label."

Our first order will be from their second season, FW2009
Debuting its second season, the Gitman Vintage Fall / Winter 2009 collection pays homage to Fall / Winter 1980. In addition to selecting perennial favorites, such as washed oxford and pinpoint, gingham check and small colorful plaids, we also selectively appropriated for this collection some of our favorites from the past: multi-toned flannels, snap Western shirts, one-of-a-kind university stripe oxfords, herringbone twills, beefy oxfords and a variety of chambrays. All available in our classic button-down, round or key collar.
Stocks should land in store mid August.
Stay tuned.

Gitman Vintage featured in Details


Hafiz said...

i've been waiting to get my hands on a gitman shirt. u guys bringing in the long sleeve oxfords?

cjf said...

Yeah some oxfords coming in :)

Will update when stocks arrive via the internets

Anonymous said...

great! bold moves in a tough time, they make it or break it. looking forward to purchasing a gitman shirt