Friday, July 10, 2009

Music: DJ Third Rail

Alright so were rolling around Chicago chillin real good and we meet up with some of my good friend's old buddies from high school. Sitting at their place he's throws this on: 89.30FM, Sunday Night 12:30AM, these mother fuckers are up in a radio studio spinning live on vinyls. Talk about dedicated man! So if you like some underground hip-hop, rap, beats, and everything else you can tag along with the prior, listen to the mixes below, straight fire.

I can pick out a track every once in awhile but I don't know enough to get the whole gist of the playlist in terms of whose on there and what he's mixing. Or if you have the original playlists that'd be great too.

Here are the three recordings on his site:


Annie said...

hmmm no raphiphop lovers???

cjf said...


well sharing is caring, the fact that i was listening to vinyl being played at a radio station in chicago on a sunday at 1230am in the morning still blows my mind.

cjf said...
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