Saturday, July 04, 2009

Recommended Reading

Fashion Nation
, a fashion blog that delves into the world of independent fashion sites, blogs, magazines and forums as well as providing insight into the local Singaporean fashion scene.

Common People, a media platform that engages creatives that reside, pass through or are working on something related to the creative field in Singapore. Content is wholly video interviews, providing an interest peak into some of the creative individuals, collectives or entities that reside in Singapore.

School of Thought, a collective behind the food joint, Food for Thought and the publishing company behind " " (Quotations) the literary magazine that is slowly making its way to eyes across Singapore. Keep a lookout for these guys to shake some more things up in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

fashion nation? dude,, come on, seriously.

cjf said...

Yeah just giving back some of the love. They did a very nice write up on our basics. Also got to hand it to them for blogging about the fashion scene in the region, not many peoples even thinking about that. Some strictly female content for the 3 ladies that do read the blog haha.

I also wanted to feature some local / regional operations as well. Hope you haven't heard of the other 2 yet though, mad interesting collectives and just goes to show Singapore might be a little bigger than we all think.

YC (Commonpeople) said...

Hey man. Good lookin out. Thanks for doing a write up on us. Much appreciated


Stephie said...

thanks for including us in this feature!