Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Diverse Conception = Various Conceptions

Here goes...

I got back from Japan last week to work on something I felt we needed in store. We found an accessory label from Japan a long time ago that is also represented by the fine folks at Shop Gentei in Baltimore. For a long time now, we have been trying to get in touch with the label via email and phone but no luck. This is why I got a good friend of mine to hook me up and get in touch with them. We finally got an appointment to meet with them and this is why we weren't hesitant to head down there. Even flying economy wasn't so bad knowing that there was a possibility to secure the deal.

The people we went down to meet were the good people at Garni. Only good things could be said about these guys right off the bat. Started in 1997 in Tokyo, Garni began as an accessory label and has now diversified by adding more lifestyle-oriented products to their lineup. These guys also started a recording label to further their love for music.

At their studio, I met with the three masterminds behind the label. These guys are as small and independent as they get. All jewellery is designed and moulded right at their workshop by the man himself, Eiji Furuya. The dude is an artist in his own right and truly loves what he does. That's why his stuff is so damn good.

They agreed to supply us the goods and made special mention of our website, store interior and general creative direction. We are now waiting for the right time to display them in a dedicated space in the store. Another successful coup. Good to have them on board and we look forward to forging a solid relationship with those guys.

Garni will be exclusive to know it nothing in Singapore.

Enjoy the photos. Courtesy of Shop Gentei and my b-grade cybershot.

No hype, no nonsense. Just some Japanese handmade versatile goodness. Again, uncommon in these parts.

More product photos after the jump.

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Indo Dreamin' said...

Thats awesome man. You know in brazil the scene is off the hook as well. There are amazing products and independent artists ever there too. Ill take pictures for you :)