Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I'm always in this position when so much shit happens during the few days prior. I never know where to start.

A good place would be to say Thanks to the Sole Obsession Crew for holding an event like this in store. Thanks to all the guys who sponsored the event and finally, Thanks to all the people who came out to support our hard work.

Friday night wasn't supposed to be fun. We were supposed to be working but as soon as the Streething fellas showed up, shit literally hit the fan. Two beers turned into two crates and preparation turned into pre-party.

Darbotz and myself managed to get to the store early on Saturday afternoon to work on his piece for the front door. 6 hours was well worth the wait. If I may say, Darbotz really is the man. He flew down to Singapore to be a part of this and got really involved. Seeing him receive props from everyone was a great indication that my Indo brothers can hang with the best in the region. You are truly talented and we look forward to having you a part of many more events. Oh and that wooden box for the customs is mighty slick.

The turnout at the event was off the hook. Hope you all enjoyed the freebies and prizes. To all of you that won that stuff, you better watch your backs because I want them Fanzines and that Kickstyo T-shirt. I almost whopped Eugene's ass when he told me he was giving that out. Then again, after throwing back a few cold ones, I think I gave out a pair of the Vans Syndicate WTaps samples. To whoever that won that pair, you better watch your back too!!

Everything is back to normal at the store. I hired that kid in our neighbourhood to help with the clean up effort on Monday morning. $10 was well worth the money.

To all of you that came, again, Thanks for the support. To all of you that didn't come, Thanks also for not doing so, I could not afford another crate of beer. The customs are still up on display at the store so feel free to stop by and have a look. No free beer this time around.

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