Sunday, August 12, 2007


Some of you may not know but we're big on the fight game in this store. To those of you that are not too familiar with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), 'The Smashing Machine' is a great documentary that provides the most real insight into the life of MMA fighter Mark Kerr. It highlights his personal battles with pain killer addiction, alcohol abuse and a manipulative girlfriend whilst trying to stay on top of the MMA world. He constantly numbs himself to try and ready his body and mind for his next opponent.

The extent of what some of these fighters go through to make a living instills nothing else but true respect for them. A great documentary and definitely one that will keep anyone out there grounded and grateful.

If we could stock it in store, we would. Go out and grab a copy today. It sure beat binge drinking on a Saturday night.

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Anonymous said...

bro, where can i get my hands on this?