Thursday, August 09, 2007

Swapmeet Recap

No surprises here, another solid event organized by the boys back home. Those people keep outdoing themselves each time out.

The event featured a tonne of good kicks and clothing on offer (could've sworn I saw the Vans "Troops of Tomorrow" sample...Madness!!). The highlight of the event was all of the new designs from all of the regulars including Footurama, WhatNot, Darbotz, etc. We also got to see some crazy shit from the guys behind Bush and Notorious Fam. Those people are definitely going to keep churning out the stuff people want to see. Ups to them.

People in Singapore will also get to see Darbotz in action at our September event. This time he won't be posted behind a stall.

I got to meet some familiar faces from back home that I have seen at our store over here. Always good to shoot the shit with them and get their feedback. To those that I met, thanks for your support and good words. That's as valuable as your money to me which is why we decided to give back to you all. To those that won our prizes, I hope you guys are repping New Balance well.

As always, Public took care of all of us. By far one of the best designed bars in Indonesia. They finally realized that they could make the place look 'that' good without having to spend all 'that' mad money they spent last time. The place has a similar aesthetic to our store. A lot of wire mesh and bare bulbs.

The beer was flowing, burgers were off the hook, the music got a good vibe going and the people from back home made it the event that it was. Definitely the best way to kill a Sunday. The scene in Indonesia is moving in the right direction. I look forward to more of these.

Enjoy the photographs.

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