Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sorry for long intervals between posts. I can't seem to get away from MSN!

This post is somewhat a follow-up from the last one.

So anyway, I got back from Boston and New York City and realized that the U.S just doesn't do it for me anymore. I know I like Boston - because of my family there, but seriously, I have come to conclude that New York is all hype and no game. I mean, all we see in the media are a bunch of bright lights, tall buildings and pictures of fashion week and we're all ready to cum. What the fuck is up with those New Yorkers on TV saying that their city is the best place on earth. Gimme a fuckin break! Not that I hate NYC or anything, I don't think I fit in the mold all too well. A lot of people have asked me why.....

I'll tell you why. Firstly, I've noticed that life's experiences has made me more of a good bloke, more considerate, receptive, and an all round good guy. I don't mean to play myself up and all but in all honesty, I like to treat people the way they want to be treated. And mind you, I will make an effort, even if I dislike them. Call me a hypocrite or whatever you will, but I firmly believe that being nice to everyone goes a long way.

Anyway, NYC is completely the opposite of whatever I have just said. Too many people there, IMO, are caught up in their own worlds, throwing out the one word answers to questions and are just plain rude. Most are not receptive and have that 'leave me the fuck alone' attitude. I don't care where you are or what you want or if you are just asking for directions, people were rude and didn't care. It was hard for me to understand why and accept it at the same time. I guess those people who call it the best city in the world barely walk out on the 'real' streets.

Nonetheless, NYC has a shitload to offer in terms of fashion, culture, food, finance, nightlife, etc. As young as I may be though, interactions with people are far more important to me than all the other things I just mentioned. That is way higher on the priority list. I get more out of speaking with people and learning shit from them than I do from anything or anywhere else. I know it sounds cliche but something's 'surface' don't interest me as much as it's whole. I can't look at something pretty, take it in and accept. I prefer to look, take it in, try and understand it, question it, form an opinion, take the piss out of it, etc. I didn't just look at New York's "pretty" exterior and sit back like most people do. I saw something that most people don't really think twice about. Again, that's just me, I respond to stuff like this.

So coming back here and sitting down and thinking about it, I realized that place isn't for me. I will just save it for when I visit Michelle and Kevin and when I have to buy stuff for the store.

After that, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do. I came up with a decent plan.

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George Chua said...

I like your sentiments in this post.

Yes, it's a bit late. I like to be on time for appointments but when it comes to discovering things... I took my time.

Glad to discover your shop and the good people involved.