Monday, August 28, 2006

First of all, many of you may now know that I intend to start my own business. The reason I chose to do this was because after graduating from school and coming back to daddy's business (surprise, surprise), I realized that this shit just wasn't for me. I couldn't come to work, and try to fuck with an already successful working model thats been doing good for many years now. Believe me I tried, but I just couldn't find anywhere in the company that I would be able to fit in. And besides, who the fuck would take me seriously over here anyway, except maybe for the lady who gets me coffee 4 times a day. I have some authority over her. Okay fine, maybe just over the amount of sugar she puts in my cup.

I have decided to create a retail/concept store in a gallery type setting in a pretty cool neighbourhood in Singapore. I'm pretty much going to focus on the brands from the U.S that I responded well to while I was studying there. I don't think they are well represented in Singapore. I think they are real creative, and definitely deserve more attention from my target market. It's going to be difficult to educate people, but I'm willing to make a serious effort.

Most people think i'm real into "streetwear", but I'm not. As a graduate of Parsons school of design, I learnt more than just how to draw and how to make patterns, etc. I think I really learnt to appreciate all sorts of design and to also try and understand them from the perspectives of the designers. However, I would prefer people throw in some of their personality and try to be different. But don't try too hard, it shows!

In that, I have come to realize while in NYC that majority of the indie labels were doing this. Mad creativity with a better thought out concept. They weren't following trends and were not calling out for attention. They were not selling "cool" and the easy way out. Having said that, I still appreciate everything, from streetwear to couture to handknitting to whatever man....I like GAP, I like Old Navy, Target does it for me too! I take the time to soak it in and understand. However, I do really respond to what I choose to call "Street-inspired fashions". This is what I will be focusing on in store.

This is streetwear.....t-shirts, t-shirts and more t-shirts! I won't be covering this.

Street-inspired fashions....I will be covering this!

How bout that.....keep your eyes peeled!

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