Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I'm a big fan of these things. Check em out!

This is the Crown SZ-5100 (below) of the mid '80's. Rumor has it that Crown were the first Boombox manufacturers back in '71. This bad boy is decked out in graphics and LED's. What a beauty right?

Next up, the All-Old Lasonic TRC-931. This one cames from around '86 or so. Apparently they used to give these out as prizes on some game shows. That's whack right? These things are going for quite a bit now on Ebay. I managed to cop one for a good price in pretty decent condition. Let's just hope the speakers can hold up. You know I'll be breakin out and jammin to them dangdut (javanese pop) mixtapes. Goyang Ngebor (crude gyrating movement in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. It's up to you!) is on!!!

A few years ago, Lasonic were smart enough to respond to market demand and decided to re-issue the TRC-931. Check out the consistency in design (below). Absolute fucken genius right. Same features and functions as the '86 original but slightly different shape. Bit more rounded. I prefer the one I have though.


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