Thursday, August 31, 2006

Check out something I came across while looking through another blog. Don't fret, I'm not giving myself credit for this. I didn't find it first, I just thought I'd show you all and give my honest opinion.

Nike's doing well these days. I think it was a few years ago they teamed up with Cole Haan (the shoe people) and decided to put some Nike Air technology in them mens shoes. But whoa check this shit out. For all the ladies, Cole Haan and Nike now have something for you.

Here's an example of a good collaboration. Clean, thorough, simple design, yet innovative in concept. Don't they slightly resemble them Marc Jacobs shoes? To view their collection, go here. If you notice there, they don't really emphasize their collaboration with Nike. It almost looks like they don't care and want you to feel the same right? Very subtle. Great marketing strategy. Click on one of the shoes on the site and you'll also read the words "concealed NIKE AIR cushioning" in most descriptions. Definitely being real low-key about their Nike collab and staying true to their roots. Good form, good function, great marketing.


Oberon said...

......nice try......the art of peace.

Nikeeta said...

That's the first thing that struck me! The shoes resemble marc jacob's mouse collection