Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Recommended Reading: The Basic Handbook of APPAREL

Finally after months and months of sourcing in and around Jakarta, our man on the ground, our factory roadwarrior; Suraj Suresh Melwani has found the mother-load of all sources. He's found some amazing factories and workshops out and around Jakarta.

This one however is the #1 of all time sources we have found in our short lifespan. The source is the next level of reasonably scaled manufacturing meaning we are able to produce great quality product on short production runs, something that we've been searching for since we left China last year.

We're so proud of this find that we want to share the book that our vendor wrote with anyone who is interested in purchasing it at K.I.N for a paltry sum of $25. The book provides an in depth look at production from information on fabric to how to containerize your goods to be shipped out to the client. We're still in the midst of finishing the book to brush up and to extract the wealth of information that this production bible provides.




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