Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Friendly Fire: Karya & K.I.N

Before we embark on our next window display installation this coming Friday, we'd like to recap the first one we did with Karya. The idea of the having our display transcend it's common role of visual merchandising display unit came about in our weekly company meeting. In a matter of weeks we had our first installation designed and setup by the wonderful architecture collective Karya out of Kuala Lumpur. For our next bit we are working with the multi platform creative agency kult. We hope to see you there this Friday for the launch of our second installment for our window display series.

Click the link below for the event information.


Enjoy the post below courtesy of the folks from Karya!

As promised, updates on the dismantling process of our 5 months stint on the window of Know It Nothing are up! We're deeply grateful for K.I.N for the opportunity given to kickstart their initiative in promoting and showcasing regional talents. So without further ado, march through the updates people.

KARYA|KIN 2011 from architectsforpresidency on Vimeo.

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