Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Capsule Life

The recent 8.9 magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami that has devastated Japan really hit "close to home." Over the winter months, I did a homestay in Japan so I feel more than just a sense of sympathy for the nation. I hope all family and friends of Sifr/KIN are alright.

From the news reports, I understand that Japan is just as orderly, polite, and calm as usual with no reports of looting or violence despite mounting pressures-- nuclear threats, lack of food and clean water, and rising numbers of missing people. These issues are extremely pressing and I urge you to reach out and help the Japanese community.

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For now, here are some of my favorite pictures of my capsule life in Japan: exploring the Nakagin Tower and staying at a capsule hotel.

The Nakagin Tower is quite sad and eerie. Despite being one of the only built examples of metabolist architecture, it is in a state of decay not regrowth. I knocked on every door in both towers but only encountered a few people- both of whom were busy with office work. One office was packed with papers and completely dark. The other office was more friendly towards me, but unable to show me around as it was a child pornography trader.

My stay at the capsule hotel was just as eerie- I couldn't tell if people were living humans or ghosts. No one acknowledged anyone else in the building; it was all very secretive. The room was quite luxuriously large compared to the capsule hotels I see online, as the TRUE capsule hotels are only for men.

Makeshift plumbing solutions

Climbing onto the roof of the capsule.

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A perfect closet for 1 fur vest.

A home for my desert boots.

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