Friday, December 03, 2010

We're on a Slight Break

Hello Readers,

We haven't been posting much as of late. We've been wrapping up the 2010 projects and also re-approaching the blog and potentially launching an off-shoot blog ala webzine (still in heavy brainstorm). We finished our first live music gig with TAB and ROX (video below), we're working on bringing a few more acts in with TAB and the Darker Than Wax label this coming 2011. The photo below is of our recently finished Isetan x sifr pop-up space, it was our first full on DIY space if you remember the images from a few weeks ago, Click Here

isetan pop-up (1 of 1)

We're currently working away on getting our new store in store at TANGS up to scratch. We feature the full sifr range on the third floor of TANGS orchard. Waiting for some of our custom fabricated furniture to come in from Jakarta, waiting for some Nepalese & Tibetan rugs to come in from Kathmandu and on top of that we've been scouring antique & junk shops around Singapore. If you have any suggestions for places that have great nicknacks and furniture please leave your suggestion in the comments section.

Also I'd like to put out a question to you. What do you enjoy most on the blog?


Leo said...

It's been awhile since I have visited but I think the best content you guys give is about what you do. Maybe more stories on behind the scenes?

Anonymous said...

The behind the scenes shit. love that.

Shane Lim said...

I agree with these guys. The creative process behind sifr and the occasional commentary on the industry. What keeps me reading is your perspective of the business you're in. Keep it up boys.

Ari said...

The content about yourselves are the best. Keep it going!

Maybe a girl guest blogger? Really cute? hahahaha