Sunday, December 19, 2010

Travel: A Glimmer of Tokyo

This last trip to Tokyo trip I brought two cameras, an Olympus EP-1 and a Horizon Perfekt. Despite having two cameras I did not take that many photographs. I keep arguing in my mind about the relevance of capturing all the details of my trip and what the significance of 1000 digital images will be after the trip is over. The whole argument of ,"being in the moment versus capturing the moment", has been bothering me. Regardless of what I am thinking in my head I will still bring a camera on every trip I embark on, however the usage and depth of thought in documenting will vary depending on which side of the argument is louder.

The basis of this last trip was to use an existing ticket that was purchased but had to be rescheduled due to unforeseen personal circumstances (injured my knee playing football). To sum up my trip: met two amazing fabric contacts, I partied with an UK artist doing a gig there, met some unexpected people from Tokyo and out of town, ran into 2 sets of friends from Singapore unplanned, one of the sets I travelled to visit some architectural sites with, discovered an amazing cul de sac of bars, and found my future residences in Tokyo. All in all a pretty damn good weekend +2.

A small set of photos that captured a nice tiny slice of my trip. (No party photos unfortunately, if anyone wants to donate a compact hotshoe flash, please leave info in the comments.)

If you get anything at all out of this post, the next time you are in Tokyo go to Nakameguro and check out Golden Gai in Shinjuku.

on narita express
Probably my last time using the Narita Express due to the advent of the new Haneda airport which is closer to the city.

fabric in the kitchen
I hope that sooner rather than later I will be using their fabrics, I touched this 60s supima dungaree, the handfeel is out of this world.

a fabric showroom in residential shibuyaMeeting with the bigboss since the whole team was at Premier Vision. It was an interesting, a lost in translation moment but we got along just fine in the end.

i had a meeting about fabric in this building
I couldn't believe that this is their fabric showroom in Tokyo, it looked more like an art gallery.

inside the fabric showroom

If you love football, this is a must go. (Weston Corp you guys are still my number one, but if there's any other city you can do something better than KAMO it's Singapore.)

temple in naka meguroPrayers

forgot this cafe

general storeMountain Research, Naval Research, Research Research!

interesting store front naka meguro

a beautiful entranceCowbooks is my favorite shop in the whole world and I don't know why.

card stamp

original print

free coffee with each purchase!

cowbooks table


river at naka-meguro
I can't imagine how Nakameguro looks in the spring.

great eq console at the nonnative store
This is a beautiful, need to get one of these for home.


You are mine SS11

well curated stationary traySpiral is amazing, a wide spectrum of products highly curated. Furniture to fragrances.

air vase

air vase

paper product

currrrry udon MON MON MON MON

if you know the name of the dish

Would just like to throw a heads up to all our readers that are still with us after the dearth of posts on this blog. We will be porting the blog over to a wordpress format! Nothing crazy, getting a few more guest bloggers on board and going to streamline the design of the blog into something simple and a little more organized.

Leave your name and email in the comments and we'll tell you how you can get a free sifr item if you live in Singapore.

Happy Holidays,


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mc said...

must have been a great learning expedition to the land of the rising sun!

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sounds good!

name: jay

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japan is just great.


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Looking forward to the new blog!

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i read this quite regularly, chris, because i always somehow leave the page getting some inspiration or motivation to do something. so thank you guys! merry xmas - shannon

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Name: jingwei

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emails will be in your inbox this week! thanks for reading & participating with us :D

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itching to see the fabrics! wished i was there. splendid post!


ruscalious said...

they revere their fabrics like art i guess. i love japan!


cjf said...

gooodies coming soon!

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