Monday, December 13, 2010

Friendly Fire: an\b editions

We're proud to announce our friends from across the water (Roberston Quay) have just published their first book. Card Board Book explores this common everyday material in a number of facets from: architecture and interior design, furniture and lighting, products, art and installations and toys, the featured projects include works by shigeru ban, work architecture company, ball-nogues studio, wendy plomp. If you're interested in exploring the versatility of this found resource, the book provides succinct write ups and detailed images giving you an overview of the processes and ideas regarding each of the projects it showcases.

If you're interested in acquiring Card Board Book locally look towards the following stockist:
   Basheer Books
    Blk 231, Bain Street
    #04-19, Bras Basah Complex, Singapore 180231

    [Workshop] by Angelus Novus Studio
    7 Rodyk Street 01-30 . Watermark Robertson Quay . Singapore 238215
    (opp. Gallery Hotel)

"New Singapore-based architecture and design publisher, an\b editions, releases its first book in early November 2010. Cardboard Book explores incredible cardboard designs from across the world.
Did you ever think you’d come across a cardboard bridge, farm, bed, light, surfboard, computer, necklace, or toy gorilla? an\b editions’ Cardboard Book is packed with ingenious examples of how architects, designers, artists, and craftspeople around the world have used cardboard in a variety of contexts, and achieved fascinating results."

'rip curl canyon' by ball-nogues studio is an imagined landscape where 'land and water collide'
'cardboard sculptures' by chris gilmour are intricate, life-sized replicas of everyday objects
see more here
'paper bridge' by shigeru ban architects
the twenty-two meter long temporary bridge was designed to mirror the dimensions of its neighboring bridge, the historical pont du gard

'message in a box' by wendy plomp
cardboard boxes were transformed in to ornate arabesque 'carpets' with silkscreening 

see more here
coffins' by eco coffins

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