Monday, August 16, 2010

KIN Clear Channel Photoshoot

Over the weekend, we had a photoshoot for KIN'S new Clear Channel bus station ad.

Just a little background: as the newest intern, this was the first photoshoot I've witnessed. It was pretty cool having all our clothes and products in the office and just playing around with it. The mood was chill, too, because our in-house graphic designer, Daryl, was also our in-house DJ for the day. We had a few setbacks because we didn't do a proper fitting, but we dug through our samples and found some unreleased products to wear from Sifr.

Want to know where something's from? Just ask in the comments, but the most probable answer is our store at Haji.

Lastly, tomorrow's Sifr's 2nd birthday. So you guys should all take advantage of our sale. It lasts till the end of August!


Anonymous said...

First picture! What shirt please! I like much

Gavin said...

yo man. i got it from hooked clothing. check it out at but dont forget to support sifr at the same time!

cjf said...

spreading the love gavin~ ;)