Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Clear Channel Prototyping

Here are some photos from our trip to ClearChannel's Outdoor installation warehouse. We got to test pilot our concept on an old Zoo installation bus stop. Nerve racking and filled with anxiety because we weren't sure how the real thing would turn out when the time came.

prototypes (1 of 11)
Doing measurements and concept work at the office.

prototypes (2 of 11)
ClearChannel Outdoor warehouse. It was interesting to see a warehouse filled with ads done with ClearChannel throughout the past few years.

prototypes (3 of 11)
A peak inside the warehouse.

prototypes (4 of 11)
Preparing the space for our prototype.

prototypes (5 of 11)
Mapping the tshirt cut out to test lighting.

prototypes (6 of 11)
Just about to test the lighting with the cotton inside.

prototypes (7 of 11)
Firdhaus and Daryl installing the cotton.

prototypes (8 of 11)
Cutting up the sponge we used as a base to secure the cotton bulbs in the ClearChannel board.

prototypes (9 of 11)
Close up on the cotton inside the board. At this point we weren't sure if the real thing would turn out as anticipated through the digital renders.

prototypes (10 of 11)
Everyone analyzing the lighting situation with the advert.

prototypes (11 of 11)
About to test the transparency of the vinyl with the lighting.

Keep a look out for our ads at:
Orchard Blvd
Cecil St
Bencoolen St
Commonwealth Ave

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